Drew Barrymore directed a video for Best Coast?

I’m not a huge Best Coast fan, but I have been known to dabble sometimes.  “When I’m With You”, off Best Coast’s last album, is still one of my favorite songs.  Having said that though, it is mainly the fact that Drew Barrymore directed this West Side Story-esqe video that I’m posting this.  If you can get over some of the corniness of the video, its without a doubt one of the better music videos I’ve watched as of late.  The song (“Our Deal”) is okay, but I feel like its more of the soundtrack to the video instead of the video being a visual aid to the song.  Even if you hate the kinda whiny forlorn lyrics and the low-fi, simple guitar of Best Coast, this is still something worth watching. Oh, and Miranda Cosgrove and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) make cameos in the video.


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