Sore, Sunburnt and Hungover

Like the title suggests, I’m sore, sunburnt, and hungover. Which sucks and also means Monday morning music…which I haven’t posted in a long time anyway.  This summer’s been filled with more Wednesday afternoon/Friday night music and moments (not that I’m complaining) but today is unquestionably not going to be filled with either of those things.

I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love the other night and one of the songs stood out to me.  When I actually looked up the lyrics to “Blood” by The Middle East (who are from Australia?) I was kinda surprised to see that they are not about something like falling in love, but are instead a portrait of a family who have lost loved ones. Depressing yes, but a great song.

Also, I was reading the AV Club’s excellent discussion on what is the closest thing to the Beatles’ “Yesterday” in the modern era and they talked about “Golden” by My Morning Jacket.  They were essentially looking for a song that is loved across demographics and is covered frequently.  I was surprised that there was a song that I hadn’t heard of in the discussion but I’m glad I checked it out.  I love the lyrics in this song and the simple instrumentaion let them take center stage.

“And on heaven’s golden shore we’ll lay our heads”


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