Catching Up

It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but contrary to popular opinion, writing this music blog isn’t the most important thing in my life.  I started a new job this week, but most importantly, I took the MCAT on Thursday.  I can’t really explain the weight that was lifted off of me, for the first time in months I can finally have fun without feeling guilty for not studying.

Anyway, I got to go home from Amherst and one of my favorite things about going home is the relatively awesome radio that we have here in Eastern Mass.  It seems like the following two songs have been around for awhile but they’re new to me and probably to anyone else who doesn’t listen to alt rock radio.

The first song is “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons and despite their admittedly kind of childish name this song is relatively somber.  The cheerleader drums and a cheery sounding guitar-like instrument are a red herring before they give way to a serious sounding chorus. Nevertheless, its a powerful effect, and I’m always a sucker for lyrics like “I don’t ever want to leave this town.”  I’ll also say the only song I knew by this band was that incredibly happy song from the color run video.

The next song is decidedly more popish and would not sound out of place at a rager or a hit radio station like Kiss 108 in Eastern Mass or the ubiquitous 94.3 in Amherst.  I think its almost more surprising it found its way to alt rock radio first.  The song features an infectious melody, simple, shout-a-long lyrics and seems to be roughly 96 percent chorus.  Although it seems relatively random what songs make the jump from alt rock radio to pop radio (“Someone That I Used to Know” and “We are Young” being the most recent examples) “Tongue Tied” would appear to have what it takes, as it could be liked by 14 year old girls and twenty something year old guys as well.



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