Thoughts on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer: Movie looks okay but Jose Gonzalez’s “Step Out” is epic

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

I went to the movies to see Catching Fire last night (unsurprisingly awesome) but was kind of disappointed that only one of the songs from the official soundtrack was featured in the movie, and it was the meh Coldplay contribution “Atlas” and even that was just during the ending credits.  Fortunately, during the trailer for the The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, there was a song that caught my ear to the point where I got my phone out to make a note so I wouldn’t forget.  After two minutes of internet research, I found out that song was called “Step Out” and was by Jose Gonzalez, whose cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats” is one of my favorite songs.

“Step Out” is the type of song that was made for an emotional movie trailer.  I always thought of Jose as an acoustic artist that you’d see in a small room, but this song is a stark departure from that. There’s layers of instrumentation  including cascading percussion and additional vocals are deployed for maximum emotional impact.  In the middle of all of this though, there’s still Jose’s calming voice and for a little while, gently picked acoustic guitar.  Because this song is clearly going for an cinematic effect, the build-up at the end of the song is suitably ambitious and features more “ohh ohh ohhs” than one could ever want.  It’s almost impossible to not get swept up in this song as waves of sound crash over you again and again.

BONUS: Jose Gonzalez’s excellent cover of “Heartbeats”


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