Drake ends his 2013 by casually dropping the NYE banger “Trophies”



When you’re Drake, even your victory laps sound like a million dollars.  Putting an end to a huge 2013 that saw the release of Nothing was the Same which spawned the massive hits “Hold on We’re Going Home” and “Started from the Bottom,” Drake released the Hit Boy produced “Trophies” yesterday.  The beat is a classic Hit Boy stomper (see Kendrick’s “Beatseat Freestyle”) but with epic horns that sound like the cousins of the ones from Kanye’s “All of the Lights.”  Drake sounds like he’s almost shouting at you rather than rapping but it hardly matters when the lyrics are just an epic bravado.  Drake shifts back into his pillow talk voice for the chorus, when the horns drop out of the song and he gets more introspective and repeats “trophies” over and over again.

Regardless of how your 2013 went, its hard not to feel triumphant when listening to Drake bragging over a horn section.  Put another way, this is music you take over the world to. Drake has become a master at somehow being relatable even when his situation couldn’t be farther away from yours, and because of that, “Trophies” is a perfect soundtrack to end your 2013.  Because as Drake says, “I’m just trying to stay alive and take care of my people.”

Aren’t we all.


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